Why did we want to host the Olympic Games? We knew it would transform Rio.

Why did we want to host the Olympic Games? We knew it would transform Rio.

With the arrival of the Olympic Games, Rio becomes the center of attention and the sporting capital of the planet. There are 5 billion people watching what is going on in the city. The preparation began even before the choice was made to host the world’s largest event, seven years ago, and this process has been an arduous “marathon” that demanded Olympic-level organization and dedication. We overcame many obstacles. Hosting major events has become a vocation of the city, and despite the typical anxiety there is before the competitions begin, we have accomplished the goal — Rio is ready to host the Olympics.

Sporting equipment and facilities have been tested and are ready to welcome athletes and fans. The planning effort allowed us complete the works in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. The Olympics cost 35 percent less than the original planned budget, a rare feat in projects of this magnitude. (For the purpose of comparison, for London 2012 the Olympic Stadium alone cost more than all 20 sports arenas to be used in Rio in 2016.) One of the reasons we were able to come in under budget was due to a commitment to seek private sources of funding and to preserve public funds. More than 80 percent of the resources used for the stadiums and operating the Games came from the private sector. Read more

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