June 18, 2018

Want to live to 100? Eat more of this ‘magical’ food (Today)

Want to live to 100? Eat more of this ‘magical’ food (Today)


Do you want to live to be 100-years-old? The answer probably depends on knowing how well you’d feel during those later years.

While there’s no guarantee, we do know some common characteristics that the world’s longest living people tend to share when it comes to having a much lower risk of disease and experiencing more healthy years of vibrant life.

Those longevity-boosting habits include enjoying an active lifestyle; stressing less and resting more; having a sense of belonging, whether it’s being involved with family, with the community or through some form of spiritual belief system; surrounding yourself with positive people (I like to say, “Health is contagious, too!”); and eating well.

One way to eat well is to eat plenty of plants, including vegetables and fruits, grains, nuts — and one food that’s often overlooked in a healthy diet: beans!

Learn why you should be eating more beans and check out these tips on how to incorporate them into your diet. Plus, we’ve got two easy, healthy bean recipes: bean soup and banana-walnut muffins with beans hidden inside. Read more

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