Watch out for Ebola

Watch out for Ebola

A panel of Ebola experts at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town have warned that the continent’s health system remains weak and vulnerable to the pandemic.

This incurable disease killed thousands of people mostly in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in an epidemic that began in 2014.

It has also wiped out families and had a huge economic impact on West Africa.

Secretary-General in Mali’s Presidency Moustapha Ben Barak shared what Mali has learnt about the disease.

“What actually Mali has learned from this disease is three things.  First, the vulnerability of our health system, with the Ebola crisis, we have not been able to address this disease. Secondly, the regional co-operation in West African countries – there is no border controls, and we have to work state-to-state to better address this and thirdly, the use of phones, how can we efficiently use those phones.” Read more


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