Ways to save and make money while travelling

Ways to save and make money while travelling

What is the sharing economy, and how can it work for you? Based on the principle that people can share excess goods, peer-to-peer, it’s a way to get what you need and share what you no longer use without a corporate middleman.

The sharing economy brings a practice formerly reserved for small transactions among friends to a regional, or even global scale. Now you can rent the extra room in your house to a complete stranger for cash, or you can share your knack for making excellent chicken pot pie with more than just your friend circle by hosting people you don’t know yet for dinner — for a fee.

At first, I was skeptical. Sharing my time and space with perfect strangers seemed like an odd and even dangerous way to make a buck. However, with newcomers exploding onto the scene all the time, changing the way we do business with each other, it started to become financially irresponsible not to at least dabble. These days, harnessing the sharing economy is my primary way of saving money when I travel, which is 365 days of the year. Read more 

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