March 23, 2019

We already have state police and nobody should deny that —Fashola (Vanguard)

We already have state police and nobody should deny that —Fashola (Vanguard)

Let’s start with the announcement that maintenance work on the Third Mainland Bridge will take 27 months during which the bridge will be shut to traffic. Is the bridge really going to be shut down for 27 months?

No. And let me quickly tell you how important it is to get as accurate as possible when information is put out there. I know that, of course, the traditional media continues to compete with millions of publishers who can now publish by phone. But what comes out from the traditional media must be reliable and accurate. The statement that we put out was that we were closing it for the first three days, I believe, from the 27th of July or thereabouts. We had tried to do it before but we thought that if we allowed children to go on vacation, it would reduce the number of vehicles that needed necessarily to be on the road and, therefore, ultimately reduce the amount of inconvenience. But we are torn now between maintenance and safety and peoples’ convenience. Read more

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