We are not like them – NBA on FIFA Scandal

We are not like them – NBA on FIFA Scandal

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said on Thursday that the biggest scandal to ever hit soccer’s governing body will lead all sports federations to revisit how they do business.

The corruption allegations swirling around FIFA over the last week could ultimately prompt changes at other governing bodies, but Silver was confident the International Basketball Federation, or FIBA, was transparent.

“I’m sure that because of the investigation that’s now going on with FIFA that the other federations, not just FIBA, will all take a fresh look at how they do business, to ensure that everything is done in the best possible way with the highest standards,” Silver told reporters before the opening game of the NBA Finals.

“But we’re very confident in the way that FIBA is operating.”

FIFA, was the target of a twin-pronged assault by the United States Department of Justice and the Swiss Attorney General’s office last week which saw the arrest of senior officials on a multitude of corruption charges. Read more


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