June 18, 2018

Welcome to Sabinews.com

Welcome to Sabinews.com

SabiNews Logo REALSabinews.com is yours; your space, your playground, your news source and entertainment hub.

We will keep you informed and plugged in 24/7.

Sabinews is your one stop shop for it all: News. Information. Entertainment. Celebrity. Trends. Romance. Lifestyle.

Sabinews will inform, educate, entertain and provoke. We will be partial to opinions, satire and all shades of entertainment.

On this platform, you will read from Ayisha Osori every Monday, Ikhide Ikheloa on Tuesdays, Joy Isi Bewaji on Wednesday, Ruona Agbroko on Thursdays , Oshoko Bushushu on Friday and then a feast of the best in Music, Books and Movies over the weekend.

www.sabinews.com contains, as we launch today, the highest number of book, movie and music reviews, combined, in one website, in Nigeria.

sabinews bar
sabinews bar

This is it; www.sabinews.com. Where you, dear reader, is a celebrity; an A-lister. You are queen and king, with a front row seat. So, send us your photos; we will put them up on sabinewsselfies and celebrate you like no one does.

Is something agitating your mind? Then log on and ‘Have your say’ and if you think our President is a right royal klutz, sound off on “If I were Mr. President.”

And yes, The BIG Story where we serve satirical sabinews exclusives will make you laugh just so you don’t cry.

Welcome to www.sabinews.com where a whole new world opens up to you at the click of  a button.

This is your space, occupy it.

Toni Kan





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