Welcome to Skuon,Cambodia – A Spider Eating Village

Welcome to Skuon,Cambodia – A Spider Eating Village

Well, there’s a place where anyone scared witless by spiders should probably steer clear of. For them it would be like going to hell. Welcome to Skuon in Cambodia – or Spider Town as it’s known simply because it is absolutely alive with ginormous creepy-crawlies. And these big and hairy spiders scuttle about everywhere.

Dropping off roofs onto people’s heads or darting from nowhere to somewhere pretty damn fast, these furry fellas make themselves at home in this place, occasionally delivering an agonising bite to an unsuspecting villager.


Deep fried with some spices and herbs, they are munched down by hungry residents as a snack or maybe with noodles or rice. Hawkers can be seen holding out plates brimming with crispy tarantula treats in a bid to tempt customers. Read more

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