March 19, 2019

What do we do about fathers who rape their daughters? – Peju Akande

What do we do about fathers who rape their daughters? – Peju Akande


You must have been confronted with these disturbing crimes in recent times; fathers caught pants down having sex with their own daughters.


This is pure evil and we read and hear these stories almost on a daily basis.


Some of the victims are as young as three months while others range between three to 21 years.


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These mind torturing crimes should torment the soul of any rational human being.


It’s unbelievable because you say to yourself, the average Nigerian will never cross this line; it’s a taboo.


We being such a religious society, we wouldn’t dare perpetuate such a crime for fear of the consequences and repercussions.


But yet, every day, we read about new victims of this incestuous crimes.



Check out a few:


  1. Mrs. Nwandu left her baby in her husband’s care, to get some food stuff at Orilowo area of Ejigbo, Lagos.


Barely had she stepped out than the baby started wailing.


An anxious neighbor who was washing clothes behind her window, peeped through the Nwadus window to ascertain the cause of the baby’s cry, only to discover to her shock, that the child was being sexually abused by her 45—year-old father. (Source: Vanguard Newspapers)


  1. On January 18, 2018, one Segun Durojaiye, was arrested for allegedly raping his 16-year-old daughter.


In this case, the victim revealed that her father had been having canal knowledge of her since 2014 and that she had aborted over three pregnancies in the process.


Hers was a double jeopardy, as her father’s immediate younger brother, who lives close to them in the Ikorodu area of Lagos, had secretly been sleeping with her during her brief stay with him, after the demise of her step- mother, at age 12.


Source: (Vanguard Newspaper)


And it gets even worse, read these:


  1. A 43-year-old man, Olusegun Adefemi, was alleged to have sexually abused his three daughters of ages seven, five and three, at Ijede area of Ikorodu, Lagos.


In this case, the youngest of the children narrated when asked that “daddy always hurt me here (pointing to her virginal) while the older ones alleged that their father also engaged them in anal sex.


  1. Lagos Police arrested one Uchena Tony Ehumadu for allegedly raping his 15-year old daughter.


Uchenna’s wife caught him red-handed in the act.


She also told the police that ‘whenever she is on night duty that’s when my husband have sex with my daughter’.


Source: (Nairaland Sept 24, 2016)


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  1. A middle-aged man has been arrested by operatives of the Edo State Police Command for allegedly raping his 13-year-old daughter in the Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of the state.


Source (Punch Newspaper)




  1. Then there was this case of a 14-year-old girl (names withheld) who accused her father, one Olawale Ibitoye, of raping and forcing her into marriage.


The incident occurred at 9, Olulu Close, Ketu, Epe, a Lagos suburb.


The victim made the allegation at a traditional birth centre she was taken to during labour.


The Nation gathered that Ibitoye also forced the girl to marry one Moses Okurukpe, who impregnated her.


Source: (Nation Newspaper)


  1. A motorcycle rider, Ubong Ime, has taken interest in his 15-year-old daughter as he allegedly raped and impregnated her.


Source : (Naijanews, September 7, 2018)


…to mention just a few.


The sickening thing about this crime is that it isn’t even limited to any geographical region or tribe or religion, so can’t be easily contained and treated as the disease it is.


No, it’s a plague that is fast eroding our society of its values, its customs and belief system.


It’s a taboo; indeed, it’s a curse with monumental future consequences; a father on top of his on child!


Come, are there no mature women in society anymore for these men?


No consenting female adults to help them get it up?


Have people lost all sense of decency, everything that makes them human and given it to dogs?


Why would a father repeatedly have sex with his own daughter?


There are some crimes that would require some form of spiritual cleansing for everything to be right again, and this is one of such.


These fathers have invaded the den of the gods; they have spat on the spirit of the land; they have unearthed the forbidden fruit and they are therefore jeopardizing the security of everyone in the land.


And this is why we must take these crimes very seriously.


Every religion, every belief system we hold dear, spits at this type of crime because it is against God and man.


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So what do we do?


Let’s make quick examples of these fathers with swift and effective justice so as to avoid the diabolical situation that arose over the Akoko Edo 54-year-old father, Jacob Alonge, who’s been raping his daughter and made her abort two pregnancies.


The 17-year-old- girl finally reported to a neighbour, who called in the police and an NGO came to her rescue.


Unfortunately, however, the victim lost her life along with her uncle, an NGO worker and the driver, when a truck ran into them, killing all of them.


Now her father, Jacob Alonge, who hitherto had pleaded guilty to the crime, has changed his plea to not guilty.


Let’s ensure that stories like these don’t get buried out of shame to protect the family or in some insane cases, ‘the victim’.


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We can only protect the victim when we expose the perpetrators; that way, they won’t repeat this crime.


Let’s unclutter our courts to ensure swift justice for the victims.


Let’s educate our daughters on sex early enough so they don’t remain silent and continue to endure the trauma.



Let’s teach our police not to continue to shame victims by making dumb comments like; ‘You don’t look like a rape victim to me, you’re sure he raped you?”


Let’s be the eyes and arms that guide and guard our girls and protect our common future.


And if you have better suggestions, please add your voice to this.

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