March 23, 2019

What Does Google Know About You?

What Does Google Know About You?

Google first began as the helpful search engine which endeavored to index the entire web. The company’s previous “Don’t be evil” motto was embedded into its code of conduct during its formative years, way back in the early days of the internet in 1998. The organization took its name from the word ‘googol’ which refers to 10 to the 100th power, or in other words, a stupendously large number.

As the company grew, it moved into other online content areas, including the popular webmail offering, Gmail, the online office suite Google Documents, as well as personal cloud storage courtesy of Google Drive, and navigation with Google Maps.

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Google also developed operating systems that grew from Linux roots, including the Android OS used on the majority of smartphones today, and Chromebooks which are based on Chrome OS. All of those smartphone pictures feed into Google Photos, naturally.

Finally, let’s not forget the Chrome browser which is available across many platforms, and boast over two-thirds of global browser market share as of September 2018. For most users, Google and its products are truly everywhere. Read more

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