March 27, 2019

What happened in Lagos in 2018? – Ella Temisan

What happened in Lagos in 2018? – Ella Temisan



Is it just me or did 2018 really fly pass quickly? I mean, this is the last Saturday for the year (yay) but it feels like yesterday was May.


Lagos was Lagos this year, a lot of things, positive and negative happened in this our ‘mega city’ this year, and these are the highlights for me in no particular order.



1. That horrible fire at Otedola bridge in June: The painful part of this is that faulty tankers are still ferrying petroleum products across Lagos, no checks and balances. I pray we never have a tragedy like this in Lagos again. Amen!


2. The time tanker fell off Ojuelegba bridge: This is same as above and the tragic part is that wasn’t the first time a tanker has fallen off that Ojuelegba bridge crushing people to death. We can only hope that will be the last time.


3. Visionscape Vs Lagosians: Remember that time Lagos was filled with rubbish dumps and the government decided to campaign about a hypothetical cleaner Lagos instead of cleaning the Lagos we could all see? Well, Lagosians responded with photos of rubbish piles in various parts of Lagos to counter the government propaganda. It was fun seeing citizens fight back, unfortunately, Lagos is still relatively dirty.


4. SARS vs Lagosians: Truth is; this was more than Lagos but the bulk of the stories came from Lagos. It was another proud moment for us to see citizens counter government propaganda with actual stories. It didn’t yield much but it was a start, a good one.




5. SARS vs LASTMA: This story was one of the saddest things that happened in Lagos this year. A SARS officer, driving on the wrong lane killed the LASTMA officer who confronted him and he too, was killed by a mob, jungle justice style.


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6. Tinubu/Sanwo-Olu vs Ambode: This one was hilarious. A sitting governor lost his party primaries in the most humiliating manner. Off shoot is that there are so many posters of Sanwo-Olu in Lagos now that even in your dreams he is there, starring at you
with his blank eyes.

7. Traffic: If anything happened here is that the traffic somehow got worse this year. People were stuck in traffic after midnight in this Lagos. God save us!


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8. Macron in Lagos: The President of France visited our mega city courtesy of the good folks at Heirs Holdings. I don’t know what impact his visit had but I am sure it was good for those who needed it. It was good publicity for Lagos state.


Well, that is all from me. What events marked the year for you? Let us know in the comments.


Happy New Year!

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