March 20, 2019

What is a twitterbang?

What is a twitterbang?


As far as sexual lingo goes, it’s not too offensive. It’s not as bad as a blumpkin, a rusty trombone, or an angry pirate. But it’s still a sexual term it’s worth knowing in case you overhear it thrown your way.

The exact definition – and the source of the definition – is murky, but the most popular one is this:

A twitterbang is someone you have sex with having spoken 140 words or less to them.

Bang means sex.

Twitter refers to the social media site in which you were once only able to post tweets of 140 characters or less.

Now, there are some obvious issues with this, the first being that the Twitter restrictions have never been 140 words, but 140 characters – which would be considerably less interaction. Also, now that the limit has increased to 280 characters, we’d imagine that the definition of twitterbang would expand, too, perhaps to a full 280 words – which isn’t too few when you think about it.

In essence, a twitterbang in this definition is simply having sex with someone you haven’t had many lengthy chats with. Perhaps you meet them in a bar, swap names, numbers, and relationship status, and then get right down to it. Nothing wrong with that in our view, as long as your twitterbang is safe and consensual. Read more


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