March 19, 2019

What will happen if Lagos had snow like the US? – Ella Temisan

What will happen if Lagos had snow like the US? – Ella Temisan



Isn’t it amazing how January is over already?


Before we know it, we’ll be preparing for 2019 Christmas.


When you are a child, time is always too slow but when you are an adult, all you ask is ‘where did the time go?’


Talking of childhood, who remembers when we used to have harmattan from October through to January?


But what do we have now?




Yes, it has been raining cats and dogs in January.


Ok, maybe not cats and dogs but you do get my drift, don’t you?


We had harmattan for like two weeks in December and that was all, folks.


That isn’t even what is troubling me, because it’s not as if I like harmattan.


My real worry is why is it raining in January as if we are in May?



We are not the only ones experiencing this bizarre weather, though.


In the United States of America and Canada, for instance, temperatures have gone below zero and it is insanely cold.


In Australia, however, it is so hot that fishes are dying in the water; yes, dead fishes are floating on the water, which is really scary.


What could be causing this change in our weather?


Let’s see… climate change right; and why is our climate changing?


It’s as a result of global warming.


I’ll assume you know what this means, but if you don’t, I am very sure you’ll check Google.


So, during the week, I spent so much time watching videos of boiling water vaporizing in the air, bubbles turning to ice instantly, and snow covering cars.


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That’s in America, by the way.


I was amazed at how their government agencies were responding so fast, sending out updates, what to do tips, etc.


It looked crazy and so I imagined, for one second, what would have happened if that was Lagos.


More than half of Lagos would be dead before the world even figured out what was going on.


Our emergency services cannot cater for a quarter of the population.


Only the rich might be able to heat up their homes because they would have a steady supply of fuel.


Yes, because even if some lower-middle class people can afford to buy heaters, NEPA (abi na PHCN), would go off and people would freeze to death.


Let’s even imagine the heaters are affordable and most people install it in their homes; how are we going to get fuel since we still depend on trucks to supply fuel?


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The roads would be frozen over, making it impossible for trucks to move smoothly.


It would be an apocalypse really, the amount of people that would die should that be our weather.


We are not prepared for any sort of emergency in this Lagos, any.


But every day, all we hear is mega city this, mega city that, yen yen yen.


Elections are up in a few months o!


You people should open your eyes and minds before you vote.


Don’t vote for mediocrity, don’t chose photo-ops.


Let us vote in a candidate that has our interests at heart and one who will improve our Lagos.


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