May 24, 2018

What’s eating up the Tetrazzini outlet in Anthony Village? – Iyioluwa Akanbi and Kanmi Akande

What’s eating up the Tetrazzini outlet in Anthony Village? – Iyioluwa Akanbi and Kanmi Akande

The Tetrazzini eatery in Anthony Village, unlike other eateries is not teeming with people typical of an eatery in Lagos. And it is strange in a particularly closed area like Anthony Village, inhabited mostly by the upper middle class. The eatery stands like an orphan in the market place.

As the only eatery for miles, Tetrazzini should be making a kill every day of the week, instead, something bad seems to be eating up this joint and no one seems to have a clue as to what it might be.

Curious, Sabinews sought to investigate what the problem might be. First, the eatery always seems short of customers even though it is the only such place in Anthony there. So we visited the eatery to find out what is behind this scarcity of hungry bellies and met with a few surprises.

Though strategically located at the intersection of two of the busiest roads in the entire Anthony village; Adebayo Mokolu Street and Jide Adeniyi Street, it would appear many of the residents and workers go through their daily routine without noticing the green and yellow building.

Despite being an easy landmark for directing people who may be new to the environment, sabinews discovered that the Tetrazzini name has lost its sumptuous meaning in the minds of prospective customers.

The Head of Human Resources (HR) at the outlet, who gave her name simply as Mrs. Chukwuma, said she had only been there for a month. As a matter of fact, she said, she was sent there by the management of the company to unravel the mystery behind the lull in patronage.

Asked what she had found out so far, she said she has noticed that one reason why business is running low might be because orders made by customers always arrive late.

“When I got here I realised food wasn’t getting out fast enough, particularly in the morning thus agitating the customers and discouraging them from making further visits,” she said.

She however explained that there are days when business is good. “Such days include open days and visiting days in secondary schools in Anthony Village, which attract parents looking to purchase food to take to their children.”

All other days seem to find the restaurant virtually empty because sabinews visited thrice and yet found no customer to interview.

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