What’s the wedding night really Like?

What’s the wedding night really Like?

For many newlyweds, the wedding night isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The expectation is a glamorous evening full of endless champagne and awesome sex (hey, it’s possible!). The reality usually involves scarfing down some fast food and then passing out soon after.
We asked HuffPost readers how they actually spent their first night as a married couple. See what they had to say below:
1. “I laid on the floor of the living room with my wife and two of my bridesmaids eating Taco Bell tortilla chips before finally going to bed, getting up to puke from having so much to drink at the reception, coming back to bed and then passing the f**k out.” ― Katie H.
2. “My husband fell asleep, all clothes on, shoes too, about two minutes after we got into the room. And oh yeah, my mother was sharing a room with us. So I spent most of my night awake on my phone and Netflix because I had them snoring on each side. Even still, I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. ― Brittany S.
3. “There was a mouse in our mountain cabin. It had made a mess of the tidy and well-stocked honeymoon surprise accommodations. Every time my husband heard it scurry in the night, he’d hop out of bed to check the traps in the kitchen. He was out to get the rodent, not so much his bride! Thankfully, 28 years later we can laugh about it.” ― Kimberly B.-

4. “My spouse and I spent the night playing Pokemon Go (it had just come out) and laughing with our friends until late in the evening. We then laid in bed for hours talking and laughing and just saying ‘I love you.’ It was the grossest, most affectionate thing I had done and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We passed out slightly after midnight and couldn’t be bothered to have sex. We waited until the next day.” ― Fernando J.

5. “That night I slept in one bed with our 4.5-month-old baby because she was nursing still and my husband slept in the other bed at the motel.” ― Lisa N.

6. We went out to sing karaoke at a lesbian dive bar. We sang ‘A Whole New World’ in our wedding dresses. Went to our hotel, grabbed coffee in the lobby, and pored over all the well-wishes on social media before crashing.” ― Darek Y.

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