WhatsApp Breaks Ads-virginity, will begin featuring Ads on Status Soon

WhatsApp Breaks Ads-virginity, will begin featuring Ads on Status Soon


WhatsApp is going to be adding ads to its status feature as a way to improve its revenue stream. The news was announced by WhatsApp vice-president Chris Daniels when he told the Economic Times: ‘we are going to be putting ads in status.’


The social media platform always promised to keep the app ad-free, at least that was the determination of the original founders. But since they quit, it’s new owner, Facebook seems to be taking a different path as it moves to incorporate ads as part of efforts to monetize the popular messaging service.

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The status feature on WhatsApp presently allows users to share texts, photos, videos, and GIF’s that disappear in 24 hours, much like how stories work on Snapchat and Instagram.


Discussing the news, Chris Daniels added: ‘That is going to be [the] primary monetization mode for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp.’


No definite date was mentioned for the addition of the ads feature on WhatsApp status but the revelation indicates that substantial work has already been put into it and the addition may occur quite soon.


Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for a colossal $19 billion. At the time the messaging app had 450 million monthly active users globally, and has since added another billion.

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