WhatsApp Fixes Video Crash Bug

WhatsApp Fixes Video Crash Bug


WhatsApp has fixed a bug that made video calling a task and less of a convenience, it reports.

The bug was found in the messaging service’s Apps used on Android and Apple smartphones.

Described as a ‘big deal’ bug by researcher Tavis Ormandy, the software loophole was discovered in late August and fixed in early October, said WhatsApp’s owner Facebook.

Natalie Silvanovich, a member of a team Google set up to hunt for vulnerabilities in widely-used software, discovered the WhatsApp weakness.

Ms. Silvanovich and her team found the problem source, the way the messaging app transports videos and changed the packets of data responsible for that function to solve the bug problem.

The web version of WhatsApp wasn’t affected by the bug because it uses a different method for moving video.

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Facebook said it reacted ‘promptly’ to fix the issue once it was identified.

‘We routinely engage with security researchers from around the world to ensure WhatsApp remains safe and reliable,’ it said.


It added that there was no evidence that the bug was widely known in the malicious hacking world or was exploited to attack WhatsApp users.

So now you know why that video call wasn’t smooth or didn’t connect the many times you complained last month. it’s resolved now.

The messaging app is used by over one billion people around the world.

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