March 21, 2019

WhatsApp to introduce ‘vacation mode’ to help you relax on holiday

WhatsApp to introduce ‘vacation mode’ to help you relax on holiday

There’s nothing worse than having to contribute to a boring Whatsapp conversation while you’re on holiday, the instant messaging service is introducing a brand new feature to save all our souls.

Vacation Mode will enable users to completely mute their group notifications, meaning that pop-ups won’t appear on an individual’s phone in either the lock screen *or* the app itself.

At the moment, users can only mute WhatsApp chats, with the conversation still appearing if they were to head into the app to message someone else.

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The updated feature will mean that all messages are archived and can be perused when the individual returns home.

Just last year, a report was published claiming that 4 in 10 Britons check their work emails during their break, so it’s pretty clear that something needs to be done in order to get people off their phone and fully immersing themselves in the holiday experience.

Nobody knows when the service is actually going to be launched, but word on the street states that it could be part of our lives within the next few weeks.

In another WhatsApp update, the app’s vice president, Chris Daniels, has told the Economic Times that sliding adverts will soon be appearing between messages in what will become the “primary monetisation mode for the company”.

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