‘When I Become President, I Will Sack All Nigerian Army Generals’ – Sowore

‘When I Become President, I Will Sack All Nigerian Army Generals’ – Sowore
Omoyele Sowore says he will sack all Army Generals as president
Omoyele Sowore says he will sack all Army Generals as president

Omoyele Sowore, the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) in the 2019 general elections has vowed to sack all generals in the Nigerian Army and to ensure the security of the nation when he is elected into office.
Sowore, the publisher of Sahara Reporters and the convener of the TakeItBack Movement, in a statement signed by Rachel Onamusi-Kpias, Director for Public Relations and Media, said the top echelons of the military have failed in their duties to secure the nation and as such, the first task he will undertake as a president will be to sack all of them.

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The statement disclosed that Army Generals continue to amass illegal wealth at the detriment of their junior officers and Nigerians and they have no reason to remain in power.
The statement reads in part:
“There is irrefutable proof that these generals do nothing to either defend our nation or equip the hardworking soldiers to do their jobs. Army promotions have become political. Leadership has been embroiled in corruption cases, with countless of these generals buying houses in Dubai and other exotic locations while a war rages and the victims are innocent Nigerians – civilians and soldiers alike.
Questions must be asked of these Army Generals when girls are being captured in their hundreds and the captors are allowed to march unchecked into towns to release them after handsome ransoms have been paid.
Questions must be asked when the ledger books show billions of Naira being disbursed for national security and our valiant soldiers frequently have to beg villagers for food and shelter.
The brave men and women who took vows to serve our nation are being short-changed by these very generals. The rank and file have demonstrated courage in the face of poor welfare, old and non-functional weapons while their leaders travel in armoured vehicles, educate their children in the most expensive foreign schools and receive world-class treatment at the hands of foreign physicians.
We propose a discharge of these old cabals and put in their stead a world-class national security system that offers protection to Nigeria, her citizens and her soldiers. We propose a listening government that makes the welfare of the troops our topmost priority.

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World class weapons will be provided. We will leverage intelligence from neighbouring countries and global intelligence from anti-terror efforts.
We will finally tackle Boko Haram head on instead of working in partnership with terrorists, and finally, leadership within the military will not be based on nepotism but earned. Capable men and women will be promoted and empowered to lead our troops to victory!”

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  1. Jaleel

    This is why they say youths can’t be presidents. This man wants to provide security and the first thing to do is to sack all the generals?. He wants to pay minimum salary of 100,000?, I think he should start his political sojourn from his local government.


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