Where’s Nigeria on the creativity map?

Where’s Nigeria on the creativity map?

Look at the map above. See the areas in deep pink? Those are the world’s “most creative” countries. The lighter the shade of pink, the lower the country’s creativity. Now look for Nigeria. Seen it? Notice the distinct lack of pink? (We’re not even sure what colour that is.)

Nigeria is off the charts and not in a good way.

What makes one country more “creative” than another? A new study (pdf) compiled by the Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) at the University of Toronto attempts to rank knowledge economies by that elusive trait.

It’s called the Global Creativity Index (GCI). To create their ranking, researchers defined creativity as the product of three measurable variables, “the Three Ts”: technology, talent and tolerance.

“Technology” rankings were determined by looking at investment levels in research and development, plus patents per capita. National “talent” was evaluated as a composite of the percentage of adults with higher-education degrees and the percentage of workforce involved in creative industries. Interestingly, the third factor in MPI’s creativity index was “tolerance”: a ranking based on how each country treats its immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBT residents. Read more

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