Why Was Ambode’s Vision Scrapped? – Lucia Edafioka

Why Was Ambode’s Vision Scrapped? – Lucia Edafioka
So Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode’s vision was scrapped by his own party members? They really did it as we say downtown ‘it be your own people’
We all heard the rumours, we watched Ambode during his ‘press conference’ where he tried to drag his opponent and the anointed APC gubernatorial candidate for Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s name to the gutters.
Those were the facts; what we did not hear was all the third-party stories that started flying around after Ambode lost the APC primaries on Tuesday.
I heard different versions of what happened between Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Ambode and why Tinubu chose Sanwo-Olu over Ambode.
One version said there was a day Tinubu called Ambode, and after the call, Ambode dropped the phone but he didn’t end the call; then he started insulting Tinubu, and Tinubu heard everything on phone.
Another story was that Ambode acted like a god to everyone, even those he grew up with. I even heard there was a man he went to primary and secondary school with, who saw him and started hailing him ‘Omo Akin, omo Akin’ and Ambode got angry. The next day, the man was fired from his office.
There was another story of how Ambode sacked every one that his predecessor, Raji Fashola, employed and replaced them with his own people. Even the story of the Bishop his wife had issues with had so many versions; I can’t even remember which of the versions is the original story.
I also heard that commissioners in the state can’t sign monies above N100,000 on projects and that Ambode insists on doing everything himself, even as far as buying materials/equipment for projects to stem corruption.
But isn’t that why you guys voted in the Baba in Aso Rock? You Lagosians love to gossip sha. Suddenly, everyone doesn’t like Ambode; everyone now has a story of what Ambode did wrong that resulted in that sham of party primaries.
I am not even a fan of Ambode. I was always here shouting about the terrible state of Lagos roads, the LAWMA/VisionScape problems we had, the bad roads, the flood, criminality in the state and every other issues we’ve had these past three and half years.
But if we are going to replace Ambode, shouldn’t it be with someone who has shown a proven capability to do a better work? Isn’t this how Ambode was imposed on Lagos in the first place? Does Sanwo-Olu have the ‘pedigree’ to govern Lagos? And who is to say he won’t do ‘cronyism’ like Ambode?
The same people who sang Ambode’s praises and insulted those who asked for Ambode’s administrative experiences are now the same ones singing for Sanwo-Olu. They are still the same ones who accuse northerners of following their leaders blindly.
When the results from the primaries surfaced, someone actually said ‘Hmmm, if I was Ambode I will scatter everything, before I leave.
I will bring down the toll gates, and expose the real revenue of Lagos state. If I go down, we will go down together.’
Someone else suggested Ambode defect to PDP and fight Baba. Ambode hasn’t really said anything since the APC primaries. Will Ambode vacate his position quietly, or will he fight? The plot thickens, watch out for season 2 of this thrilling tragic-comedy.

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