Why you should be putting salt on your Ice Cream (Redonline)

Why you should be putting salt on your Ice Cream (Redonline)

This week, when discussion in the office turned to ice cream toppings, I commented that one of my favourites was the Italian classic of gelato topped with olive oil and a twist of sea salt.

Cue shocked faces.

It seems I am alone in embracing this most delicious of Italian traditions and what a crying shame.

Italians are the godfathers of ice cream, or rather, gelato. Gelato is slightly warmer than ice cream meaning it doesn’t have that icy, frozen feeling; it’s made with milk rather than cream and it is flavoured authentically with say chocolate – rather than a synthetic added flavour. All of this means gelato, rather than ice cream, is the foodie’s frozen treat of choice. Read more


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