Wife Refuses TO Kiss Husband During Court Marriage in Lagos (Video)

Wife Refuses TO Kiss Husband During Court Marriage in Lagos (Video)

Every day is a new day to see hilarious events on the event. Some could be enlightening while others would make you ponder upon the perils of being human. The most recent ordeal occurred in Lagos state court marriage where a woman refused to kiss or hug her husband.

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Marriage is meant to the be the union of two beautiful souls and it marks the commencement of a comprehensive between the partners. However, the event that played out revealed that the wife was not in total agreement with getting married to her husband as she refused to engage in any romantic act with the man.

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And i forgot to post this since last week Saturday . It all happened like a film trick when this drama started and ended for more than 30mins . Everyone was angry and same time surprised . This so called churches need to change their angle of sermon and brain washing . . . According to the law and policy of Ikoyi registry . Before signing , there is this sweet mode when they say hug and kiss your wife and you have this butterfly smile on your face (MUMU LOOK) and kiss her like tomorrow no go come (Na my property now ) . . But reverse is the case here , A wife to be refused to accept a hug or kiss from her husband during registry at ikoyi claiming it is forbidden to do so according to her church . . . She insisted for more than 20min , everyone got angry and the husband became dummish .A woman tried convincing her but was abortive . . . She claimed to rather stop the ongoing practice than hugging or kissing . In her statement " This is forbidden in my church " Eleyi kamama . EDAKUN , SHEWONI DO RAWON NI ? . Reporting live by @thegreatproffbaba 😁😁😁😁😀

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There was pandemonium in the courtroom as well wishers and onlookers didn’t know the side to choose. Some supported the lady because it was against their religious belief while the other party reprimanded the woman for refusing to kiss her husband or just simply show a little bit of affection.

Whatever the case maybe, the woman ought not to be timid to express her love and it would be unacceptable for the man to forcefully impose himself upon her. Honestly, we doubt what their matrimony would be like, we are in no position to judge but to simply wish them a healthy and resourceful marriage life.

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