How will I know (if it’s really Whitney?) (Belfasttelegraph)

How will I know (if it’s really Whitney?) (Belfasttelegraph)

In her tribute act to Whitney Houston, which is coming to Belfast later this month, performer Belinda Davids is so convincing that some of the audience actually believe she is the late, great singer. And if they think she is bringing her alive, who is Oliver Bennett to argue?

Katie Champion, a professional singer from Seaford, East Sussex, wasn’t particularly looking forward to her evening out last year – an evening in Eastbourne with her mother to see Whitney Houston tribute act Belinda Davids. “I was dubious,” she says. “But it was unbelievable.”

In the midst of the event, Champion (26) was unable to “suspend her disbelief” to the extent that Davids appeared as if she were Houston herself. The atmosphere became holy and sepulchral: “Everyone went quiet. They were silenced.” It was as if Whitney herself had been reincarnated and was in the room. Read more

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