Woman buried alive by mistake for 11 days heard screaming from coffin (DailyStar)

Woman buried alive by mistake for 11 days heard screaming from coffin (DailyStar)

Rosangela Almeida dos Santos, 37, is said to have desperately tried smash her way out of the wooden coffin which had been nailed shut and could be heard screaming and groaning by neighbours.

Neighbours also heard bangs coming from the grave and but she had already died by the time it was finally opened.

But Ms Santos was “still warm” when she was examined and her hands and forehead were all bloody from where she had tried to claw her way out, according to local reports.

Some of the nails in the coffin had been pushed up too.

“Her hands were injured, like she had been trying to get out.”

A video has since emerged showing the commotion in the Senhora Santana cemetery in Riachao das Neves, northeast Brazil, as local men took out the heavy coffin and removed the lid.

Married Mrs Santos was declared dead by a hospital on January 28 and was buried the next day.

People living near to the cemetery alerted her family on February 9 – some 11 days after she had been laid to rest – after hearing screams and bangs coming from inside the tomb.

Ms. Santos had been at the Hospital do Oeste in Barreiras, in Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia, for a week after being rushed there by her family who claimed she was suffering from severe fatigue.

She had two heart attacks before dying from “septic shock”, according to her death certificate.

The woman, who was married but didn’t have children, reportedly suffered fainting spells since she was seven-years-old and took anticonvulsant medicines.

Her family said their goodbyes at a wake held that night, and she was buried in a concrete tomb at the municipal cemetery in her home town, Riachao das Neves, the following day.

But last Friday residents living on the street next to the cemetery raised the alarm after hearing screams, banging and groans coming from inside the woman’s stone tomb.

Housewife Natalina Silva told Brazil’s G1 website that many people had heard muffled screams during the night. Read more

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