Woman drags 6 year old to court for causing ski accident

Woman drags 6 year old to court for causing ski accident

A woman is suing a six-year-old girl for damages, after the pair collided in a ski accident in Austria.

The woman was seriously hurt in the collision and is suing the child for €38,000 ($41,155) in Feldkirch, western Austria, as well as for any other future costs relating to the accident.

The adult was heading straight down the piste in the Hochhaedrich resort near the Swiss border and the girl was turning when they collided, a court heard on Thursday. An independent expert appointed by the court testified that neither had been paying enough attention and that they therefore shared the blame.

Children cannot normally be found liable in civil cases in Austria but the plaintiff is making use of a legal exception for when a child is able to recognise the consequences of their actions. The woman has previously sued the girl’s father and her skiing teacher but the case was rejected. The father and the teacher both testified again on Thursday and a verdict is expected in writing in early 2016. Read more


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