Woman gives birth to baby without eyes

Woman gives birth to baby without eyes

A Chinese woman, Liu Peihua, has given birth to a baby without eyes. After birth, the baby cried and moved his limbs but when doctors closely inspected him, they discovered his eyes weren’t just closed, they were totally absent.

DailyMail reports that the baby was diagnosed with anophthalmia, the absence of the eye tissue. Anophthalmia affects one in every 100,000 children, according to NHS, and it means that the boy will never be able to see. Some children affected by the rare condition sometimes get artificial eyes fit in to enable the bones around the eyes develop.

Liu Peihua is said to be devasted as she had a very normal pregnancy and attended very antenatal. She is currently seeking public assistance on how to raise her baby, Xiao Ming who she is determined to raise despite difficulties the family may face in the future.

The family is receiving help from a bigger hospital in Guangzhou to get a better examination of the child and to check if there are any other health issues.


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