Woman hires hitman to kill husband

Woman hires hitman to kill husband


Tanya Senay Demirhan, 47, wasn’t happy with her husband and so decided to do something about. One would think separation or divorce; but she set out to hire a hitman to kill him.

Her plans went awry when she confided in someone who went to the police. The witness said Demirhan “wanted her husband to go away” and she wanted to hire someone to make that happen. Detectives say the conversations were caught on video, and in one of them Demirhan refers to her husband as a “jerk” and a “horrible person.”

Based on this information, the police went ahead to set up a sting operation with an undercover detective posing as a hitman.

Tanya went as far as using the the title to a 2012 Ford van as initial payment for their agreement to kill her husband, with a handwritten note promising to pay the detective $10,000 for his “service.”

She has been arrested on charges of solicitation to commit first-degree murder


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