October 19, 2018

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Woman missing for 2 years found inside a wall of her home (DailyStar)

Woman missing for 2 years found inside a wall of her home (DailyStar)

The remains of a woman missing for two years have been discovered – inside a wall of her home.

Mary Cerruti was reported missing by worried neighbours in February 2015 after they noticed mail was piling up around her letterbox.

When cops went to check on her home in Houston Heights, Texas, they found her six cats dead inside but no trace of the 61-year-old.

In the two years after she was reported missing, her home was eventually foreclosed and sold off at auction – something that eventually led to her discovery.

A couple that moved into her home in March 2017 were horrified when they found a pile of bones, spectacles and a pair of shoes underneath a broken floorboard in the attic.

Despite immediately carrying out tests on the skeleton, all that could be confirmed was that the bones belong to a woman aged over 40.

But further tests carried out this week confirmed they are Ms Cerutti’s. Read more

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