Woman struck by lightning while filming thunderstorm (Independent)

Woman struck by lightning while filming thunderstorm (Independent)

A woman caught the moment her phone was struck by a bolt of lightning as she tried to film a thunderstorm. Tracey Kutluol was filming from her living room window when her iPhone was zapped.  Moments beforehand as she opened her window to get a better look at the storm, she jokingly said: “I’m going to get electrocuted”. The mother-of-two, who was with her children Max, 10 and Mia, 14, said an electric shock ran up her left arm, leaving her with extreme pins and needles. The 42-year-old added it was her new rubber phone cover — delivered just hours before she was struck — that saved her life. Ms Kutluol said: “I was trying to film how dark it was and hoping for a little lightning that I could capture but I did not anticipate that it would hit me. The lightning hit the pop socket on my phone and if I am being honest, that saved my life otherwise my phone would have probably exploded. Read more

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