Work Is Important but Relaxation Is Importanter (Video)

Work Is Important but Relaxation Is Importanter (Video)

Setting up entertaining trend seem to be quintessential and natural to Nigerians, especially since the advent of the social media, Nigerians possess the natural dexterity to take the internet sphere by storm without hassle.

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Just one month ago, Nigerian Instagram singer Zamorra composed a song and posted it on the internet last month, unknown to him the demo would gradually build momentum and become an overnight sensation on the internet.

The jocular single which ran for just 1 minute began to trend, first it was shared by Instagram users then it became a mainstay on twitter where it trended for almost a week. The ‘importanter’ single went viral to the extent that Italian-based football club AS Roma had to retweet the video and also compose a tweet of their own.

As Roma tweeted:

International football is important but club football is importanter.” This is in allusion to the current international break which would be on going till upper week. Indeed it is a worldwide movement.

Furthermore, Trace TV Nigeria composed their own ‘importanter’ tweet and the singer got an invite to the MTV Base live show few days later. Zamorra is fast becoming a household name and there is nothing stopping the young singer at the moment. Indeed talent is important  but honing your talent is importanter.

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Relax this weekend people, reading the news is important but reading Sabinews is more importanter! Have a great weekend.

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