Yemi Alade learns the hard way in Germany

Yemi Alade learns the hard way in Germany

It has become the tradition for a celebrity music artiste who is advertised as the headliner for a show not to come on stage until the early hours of the morning.

It is a widely accepted practice in Nigeria and one rarely hears fans complain about it. In fact most fans have taken to turning up for events at midnight or past midnight because they know the star they’re coming to see won’t be on stage early.

Johnny star Yemi Alade had a painful experience in Germany a week ago when she had to refund the money to fans who purchased tickets for her show.

Apparently, the organisers told her she was to show up at 2am while telling fans to come at 10pm, only for her to arrive at 2.30am to find the venue half empty and the remaining fans “really furious.”

Who wouldn’t be, after waiting for more than four hours?

The afro pop singer however apologized to fans in a video explaining the situation.

Yemi Alade at Black Qube Roma
Yemi Alade at Black Qube Roma

The rest of her European tour has met with great success. Hopefully the Germany experience taught her a valuable lesson.


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