March 20, 2019

Yoruba are more deserving of 2023 Presidency than ‘unserious’ Igbos – Amaechi

Yoruba are more deserving of 2023 Presidency than ‘unserious’ Igbos – Amaechi

A First Republic Minister of Aviation, Mbazurike Amaechi, has criticized the apathy of the Igbo people towards the presidency saying the Yorubas are more deserving of the chance to lead the country in 2023.

Amaechi was speaking to the media in Awka, Anambra State yesterday while also reiterating that power is to be fought for, rather than expected on a platter of gold.

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The elder statesman noted that the South West has shown a stronger interest in the position.

He continued, “Power is not given on a platter of gold and the idea that Igbos will produce the next President of Nigeria in 2023 is not sacrosanct because there is no section in Nigerian construction that talked about rotation of power.

“The Yorubas are serious about this and they are working hard to get it and I expect our people in Igbo land to work hard and show seriousness.

“Our politicians in the South-East should wake up and show that we are interested but the Yoruba are more serious than us.

“If tomorrow the position goes to the South West we do not have anybody to blame because they deserve it going by the way they are fighting the agenda.”

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