March 19, 2019

You too can change the world, what are you doing? – Ella Temisan

You too can change the world, what are you doing? – Ella Temisan






Do you guys remember Omoge Dami and the amazing women who went on that market march in Yaba?


For me, I haven’t forgotten at all. After the market march, so many women came on Twitter to say they went to Yaba and no one touched them, no one called them ashawo.


I was excited o, but that Yaba they described felt alien to me.


So I kept waiting for a time I would go to Yaba too and have my own testimony.


When an opportunity came my way two weeks ago, I thought, aha, I have got to show my stuff.


And, brethren, it really felt like a miracle. I was in Yaba market, especially on a Saturday, and everywhere was rowdy but no one, not even one man touched my hand, or back or anything, and the best part?




Nobody called me ashawo.


I remember when the girls went on the market march and people, especially men, were calling them fools, saying that the men in the market are illiterates, and things have always been like that, so we should manage it; no point starting a war, or protesting, bla bla bla.


The reason I am telling this story is because it was the International Women’s Day on March 8, (and the entire month, come to think of it).


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Women have been protesting over unfair treatment by their male counterparts for decades.


The fact that we can go to school, have jobs, build careers, make decisions for ourselves, vote and be voted for, are all because of the fight the women who came before us fought.


So we must not be content and ‘manage it like that’.


If you see something wrong, unfair treatment towards women, even if it doesn’t apply to you, you must speak out.


The world is better; the world will thrive when we treat everyone, men and women, especially women, like full human beings, capable of making decisions and living life on their own terms.


Not everyone will be brave enough to go on protests and rallies, but in your little corner,  you can always help.


Support/donate to causes that fight for women in different areas of life.


Work with women, promote their works, do better.


Don’t fold your hands and say ‘make we manage dem, na so e be’;


Things can be better, things will be better.


Here is to all the amazing women shattering glass ceilings.





Happy International Women’s Day!



P:S: The Market March team are going to Ogbete market in Enugu next; if you want to join them, connect with them via Twitter!



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