You’re not a loser if you go to gigs by yourself (Metro)

You’re not a loser if you go to gigs by yourself (Metro)

I’ve been to gigs by myself for work when I’ve been reviewing them, and I spend a lot of time breaking off from my friends at festivals and watching bands alone, but this was different. This was purely for pleasure and I wouldn’t have friends who might nip in from another venue a few hundred feet away. Aquilo are one of my favourite bands and I’d been wanting to see them live for ages, but had been living overseas where they hadn’t been touring. Last year I was back home and hurrah, they announced a London show at Scala in October! I asked around and either my friends didn’t know the band or couldn’t go. I’d missed out on seeing Phoria a few months previous because no-one could/would come with me, and I’d been kicking myself ever since, because they made my favourite album of 2016. Read more



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