Zinno Orara returns with Life’s A Journey exhibition

Zinno Orara returns with Life’s A Journey exhibition

The talented Artist, Zinno Orara, returns with another art exhibition, which he has titled ‘Life is a journey’.

Life is indeed a journey. Like every journey, life has a beginning and an unpredictable end. For the artist’s wife, Adaora-Zinno Orara, the end came sadly in 2014 after a long-running battle with stage 7 cancer.

Losing one’s loved one especially a wife is never an incident to forget in a lifetime. It is one of those life events that keeps one on the floor. For Zinno Orara however, he chose to translate the pain into a legacy for his darling wife.

Being the resilient hard worker that he is, he put his feelings and faith into his work and released a mind-blowing body of work called ‘Against All Odds’, which is a thought-provoking body of work that to this day, is still a major point of reference among avid and respectable art lovers and curators.

Fast forward to this year and Zinno hasn’t stopped being one of the most celebrated painters in the country. The success recorded by his previous body of works goes before him and it speaks volumes. This year, he launches another art exhibition, which he has titled ‘Life is a journey’.

One of the paintings (Eyes of Faith 2017)

As expected, the exhibition would showcase various thought-provoking and creative works painted by Zinno Orara himself. The last art exhibition that held in 2014 showcased paintings like Life is a journey, Love isn’t blue, The woman who saw the light and a host of others.

Zinno Orara’s art exhibition is unlike any other because it not only showcases art but also celebrates the life of his late wife Adaora-Zinno Orara. Art is not only what you see, but what you make others see. Zinno Orara celebrates his love for his late wife through this art exhibitions.

Billed to take place from Saturday, November 25, running through December 4, 2017, this event will hold at Terra Kulture Gallery Plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage, off Ahmadu Bello way, Victoria Island Lagos, it promises to be one of the classiest the country has ever seen.

Zinno Orara expressed his excitement about the exhibition saying; “Life’s Journey consists of a series of thought provoking works that depict our voyage through life as humans, the good, the highs and lows, our opportunities, heartaches and our eventual sojourn to the unknown. This promises to be an exciting exhibition.”

Zinno Orara has had over 12 solo exhibitions and 25 group exhibitions in Nigeria, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, United States and Canada. His paintings are present in art galleries all over the world; as well as with some of the world’s most dedicated collectors.



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