Zuma offers Nigeria help with electricity generation

Zuma offers Nigeria help with electricity generation

South African President, Jacob Zuma has pledged that his government willingness to help Nigeria in the generation of electricity even as he declared that it can also assist in the exploration of solid minerals.

Zuma, who made the pledge while addressing to a joint session of the Nigerian National Assembly in company of President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday, said there is potential for greater business to business engagements between the two countries.

According to Zuma, South Africa government is prepared to avail Nigeria the opportunity to tap from its exploits in electricity generation as well as solid minerals.

“Our experience in electricity generation can also be tapped into, to assist in Nigeria’s electricity generation, to name but a few. In this regard, South Africa’s solid minerals mining experience can contribute to solid minerals exploration in Nigeria”, he stated.

He stated that both countries must collaborate by diversifying their economies to create employment as this will further improve the impact that Africa can have in the global economy and to reconfigure the terms of trade. Read more

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