March 25, 2019

Zuma Rejects Third Term

Zuma Rejects Third Term

South Africa shouldn’t change its constitution to enable a sitting president to stand for a third term in office, President Jacob Zuma said.

“We are very clear about the two terms,” he said in an interview at his residence in the capital, Pretoria, on Tuesday. “The issue does not arise at all. I think it is very healthy for us here in South Africa that we don’t stay forever.”

The ruling African National Congress has governed South Africa since the end of white-minority rule in 1994. The party, which won 62 percent of the vote in national elections last year, is due to elect a successor to Zuma, 73, in two years. While the South African constitution restricts the number of terms the country’s president can serve, the ANC’s rules have no limits for the party leader.

 “We are all guided by the ANC — it is the ANC that decides what happens to us as individuals,” Zuma said. “The ANC must take its time, it has its own processes wherein that matter will become clearer.” Read more

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